Strategic Advertising

The GM&P Strategic Plan provides a road map to success for our clients. It is a methodical approach that provides insight to consumer perceptions of our clients brand. We provide a mix of old school learning and high tech implementation to develop eye catching creative that establishes an emotional bond between the consumer and the brand. “You can’t get there if you don’t know where you are going.”
  • TV Spots
  • Radio Spots
  • Outdoor
  • Print
  • Collateral
  • Transit Ads
  • Billboards
  • Brochures
  • In Store Signage
  • Market research

Media Planning

The media planning and buying functions of the overall marketing program are
never based solely on ratings or circulation or impressions. We examine all facets of thr market and target(s). We try strive to reach and develop a comprehensive media “program” that includes trends, potential (growth and decline), value added opportunities and “gut feelings” based on years of experience and expertise.
  • Comprehensive research to ensure targeted programs
  • Negotiation of rates with all media
  • Planning and placement of all forms of media
  • Invoice compliance from all media
  • Complete compilations of all co-op info if necessary.
  • Post-buy analysis and make-good negotiations
  • Merchandising programs and promotional opportunities

Digital Creative and Branding

We now provide multiple digital strategic and creative needs, to keep your brand successful in the new era of advertising. As the web grows as does the amount of users consumed by content through browsing, social networks, and unique searches. With so many channels, it is easier for people to turn your channel off, than turn it on. We help keep you on, with a talented creative as well as strategic team, focused on branding your voice in as many languages as possible as well as making sure you’re achieving optimal visibility.
  • Website design – Create a user friendly environment platform for your brand
  • Rich Media Production – Production of all high quality content needs.
  • Brand Journalism – develops your brand into conceptual media.
  • Social media strategy and execution – connect with your audience to gain consumer Insight and earn loyalty
  • Sonic branding – Full service audio includes mnemonics, music supervision, sound design and Post production capabilities.
  • Brand consulting and project management – Just want some ideas? Strategies? Connections?